• Colby Lepore

How do you sell concept/intellectual property to tech companies?

Updated: Jan 5

(Answer requested by Rohit T.)

Hi Rohit,

You are not going to be able to “sell an idea” to a company.

The brutal truth is that talk is cheap. People don't care about what you say, they care about what you do; companies included.

If you build a company, it’s possible that larger corporations may be interested in acquiring your company, however this is rare; albeit, not as rare as an IPO.

Most startup exits are via acquisition.

So to answer your question, to get a tech company to buy your idea, you have to make that idea (or at least a portion of it) into a company that does something which creates enough incentive for a company bigger than you to buy you out.

Generally speaking, starting a company with the hope & expectation that you are going to be acquired a few years down the road is a bad idea.

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