• Colby Lepore

Can I fundraise with medium-fidelity wireframes, a deck, financial projections, and a a website?

Updated: Jan 5

(Answer requested by Arif A.)

You can try to fundraise.

You will likely not be able to.

The fundraising climate has changed from what it once was. The bar is higher.

In 2000 or even 2010, you could raise money on simply an idea.

Today, you really need to show investors some sort of traction.

Wireframes and a nice landing page won’t cut it. An email list won’t either.

Prove that people actually want what you are building.

After you've validated the concept, evaluate if you even need to raise money.

Mailchimp's co-founders still own 100% of their company.

They were profitable from day 1,and are now growing by more than $120 million every year.

Validate. Evaluate. Scale.

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